'Little Wonders' Solo Exhibition

My solo exhibition, 'Little Wonders' at Hill Smith Gallery is on from 24th of June - 22nd July.

The opening was such a success, and I had a wonderful afternoon.

"Through out the last year, my work has largely followed my curiousity into how different cultures in different eras have celebrated life and mourned death. this curiosity encompasses the different rituals and aesthetic jewellery associated with mourning.

By combining my skills and qualifications with my passion and curiousity with the macabre I have explored different methods which highlight the beauty of the natural world and the forms which retain that beauty after death. 

I have collected various animals, all of which have been ethically sourced, and have cleaned, mould and cast their remains in precious metal. By adding semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls and cast flora I have tried to create a powerful juxtaposition, which highlights the curious beauty, beneath the overt dark tones of deaths.

My exhibition focuses on the Cabinets of curiosity, these were small collections found in affluent homes in the Victorian era which held extraordinary objects that told stories about the wonders and oddities of the natural world. 

My Cabinet is My story; an insight to the grotesque experiments and processes that have influenced my recent art works and jewellery."

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