'Fellowship' at the 'RSASA

2017 was a very exciting year for me. I was fortunate to be awarded two awards, which would give me many new and exciting opportunities.

Firstly, I was awarded one of the Helpmann Academy’s Fellowships, supported by the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation valued at up to $20,000 each. Due to this fellowship I spent three months in London establishing connections and networking opportunities to further develop my skills in taxidermy and jewellery making. As well as 3 weeks travelling around Italy getting immersed in the art, religion and the culture.

The second important thing that happened to me in 2017 was to be awarded a Fellowship with the Royal South Australia of Arts. This fellowship was very valuable while I was in London!

Obviously I had to visit the Royal Academy while I was in London! After introducing myself I had a one on one private tour of the gallery. I especially loved the Academicians’ Room! This beautifully decorated club where Academy artists and private members can come together to share ideas, have a drink and relax. Vintage furnishings create the intimate, bohemian ambience of an artist’s drawing room. One exhibition I was able to view was the works ofJoe Tilson. He has been making prints for almost 60 years. Tilson’s methods defy the conventional methods of printmaking. After spending time in Venice in the late 1940s his work has been influenced by the religious architecture, tile mosaics, mathematical symbols and graphic motifs, Tilson’s vibrant prints have a “constructed” feel, often including elements of collage and hand-colouring. Tilson’s work is very unique and striking.

Next year I plan to head back to London for a few weeks to follow up on the connections I made and keep the business relationships strong. I plan on putting my jewellery in more shops, exhibiting, participate in more courses and volunteer at the museum a few more times.

I also plan to re visit the Royal Academy and have another look at this wonderful gallery.

I would really like to thank the Royal South Australia of Arts and the Helpmann academy for these amazing opportunities.

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